Sketch 5c

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Artist Comparison

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The two artist’s websites I am comparing are Christa Donner’s ( and Peter Horvath’s (

I chose Christa’s website because I think its a good example of the design of a site complementing the artwork on the website, but still retaining a unique quality to the website itself. Her artwork is really graphic and comic book-like, with elements of collage. Since the site’s design is similar to the artwork, it helps to enhance her peices. Also, her site is fairly simple and the thumbnails of her works just beg to be clicked on.

The only con to her website is that it can be a little confusing at times as to how to get to the other types of artwork on her website, because when you click on the thumbnails the only way to directly naviigate to them is in the other corner and the thumbnails get more specific, but at first that confused me.

Peter Horvath’s website is very different. Its also very simple, but it is mostly black and looks very sleek and mysterious. I realy like it because he does a lot of web art, and his use of pop ups and the titles of pages is very interesting and I very much enjoy his peices. But, one big con to his website is that most of the peices he does work well only in safari, which makes it less accessible.

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Ode to Monkey

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Fifty cents,
Two quarters slide in the machine.
The machine clicks as the knob turns,
Out pops you,
my little monkey.

You are the culmination of an amazing day,
A day that would be ordinary if not shared,
with you.

Jokes and sentiments fly,
we slowly come to realize,
how short our time is together,
I treasure those last few days,
more than anything else,
in the past seven years.


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Ode to Hello Kitty Panda Vince Noir

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Hello Kitty Panda Vince Noir,
You are one of my most prized possesions.
You make sense to no one,
But me and one of the most important women in my life.

She is the milk to my cookies,
the Harris to my Slater,
I will always adore my Minnesota girl,
whatever that ends up meaning,
no matter what happens,
I love you.


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Ode to an Elephant

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Warm and grey,
Soft and cuddly,
you kept me from going crazy during that long week,
especially during the hard nights,
you are the product of a connection,
a friendship,
stronger than I’ve made in years,
in a few short days,
we were forever in each other’s lives,
and each other’s hearts.

There is not much I can say,
except these four words,
Gili, I love you.

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Ode to Doctor Who

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Doctor Who.
The quetessential campy sci fi show,
virtually unknown in america.

Oh, cruel fate,
Doctor Who here is only for the nerds and anglophiles,
your glory should be for all people,
but you are only on,
BBC America.

I wish I was in your country,
So I could celebrate my love with an entire nation,
instead of hiding it from my peers,
who just looked confused when I mention you.

How I want to see just how much bigger your tardis is,
on the inside,
and to meet your plunger faced enemies,
can I be your companion?
I want to save the day with your sonic screwdriver,
and play with K9.

But alas!
You are across the pond,
and of course,
a fictional character.

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Ode to Barbie (with Magic Pegasus)

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Filled with excitement,
I can choose my birthday cake.
The obvious choice was,
Barbie (with Magic Pegasus).

I was seventeen.

The delight of my barbie cake,
covered in pink, blue,
sparkling like it was made with magic(of pegasus?),
shared with like minded friends.


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